From initial application to move-in day, Habitat for Humanity partners with families and individuals every step of the way. This ensures that prospective homeowners are prepared for the responsibilities of homeownership, including maintaining the property, handling finances, and navigating mortgages. Here’s a look at how the application process starts, and how Habitat selects candidates for housing programs.

Who’s Eligible to Apply

Habitat follows a nondiscriminatory policy when it comes to prospective homeownership applicants. This means that factors like race, origin, sexual orientation, and religion have no bearing on our selection process. Applicants must only demonstrate a need for affordable, secure housing to get started.

Our Selection Process

First, Habitat housing program applicants must demonstrate financial readiness for homeownership. This involves providing a few important documents, including references, verification forms, and credit reports. We pay close attention to any outstanding debts or collections and unpaid judgments, and we run a background check on all adults who will be residing in the new home. Once an applicant passes the initial screening, we conduct a home visit to further determine a need for housing and a willingness to participate fully in the housing program.

How “Need for Housing” Is Established

Habitat recognizes a few different factors as evidence for an applicant’s “need for housing.” One example is when an applicant’s current home presents health and/or safety concerns that can’t easily be remedied through simple repairs, such as mold infestation, an unsafe neighborhood, or not enough space for all household members. We also acknowledge a need for housing when an applicant lives in a temporary housing situation or spends more than half of the household income on living expenses.

How Can Applicants Demonstrate “Willingness to Participate”

Applicants must be able and willing to fully partner with Habitat in the construction of their own homes and beyond. We depend on participants’ Sweat Equity, which is the time and effort they contribute to our building projects in the community. Don’t worry: no previous construction knowledge or skills are required, and our teams help new participants every step of the way.

Habitat for Humanity of Bucks County welcomes all applicants and volunteers, regardless of race, religion, age, gender, or political views. To learn more about our housing programs or volunteer opportunities, contact us online or call 215.822.2812.