Home Repair Program

Habitat Bucks offers an affordable home repair program for homeowners needing a bit of assistance. Habitat’s goal is to help make your home safe and accessible, and to help preserve it. Homeowners pay only a percentage of total repair costs which can be repaid over time at no interest. Habitat keeps repair costs low by using volunteer labor and discounted materials.

Home Repair brochure to print and share with other Bucks County homeowners.

“Safe at Home” 

Is our focus on identifying repairs and modifications that will assist older adults and those that are disabled remain safely in their homes.

Download the AARP HomeFit guide for great ideas on how to make positive changes.


Employees from PARX Casino rally to make Eileen’s porch and steps safe…

One Bensalem project exemplifies how repairing a home’s exterior builds community. Eileen lives alone. Her deck, railings, and steps were rotting. Each time Eileen left her home she risked a fall. Habitat Bucks, PARX volunteers and Eileen joined forces to rebuild it all to be safe and secure. Plus, they painted the whole house. Eileen told us “These folks came after working nightshift, built me a safe structure, put their caring into the project, AND they wanted to do more (PARX volunteers later surprised her with a Thanksgiving gift basket)! I’m reeling from this outpouring of love from complete strangers. You can’t get any kinder than this.” Three years later Eileen’s restored pride in her home continues. She is quick to tell others, “Habitat Bucks can help you, too.”

Kevin’s father no longer needs to bump his wheelchair down the steps…

Kevin lives alone in a mobile home in Morrisville. He had a serious accident 15 years ago that resulted in permanent disability and generally deteriorating health. Recently his leg was amputated, requiring him to use a wheelchair. Kevin’s father, who is Kevin’s main caregiver, called Habitat Bucks for help. We provided and installed a ramp that allows Kevin to now get in and out of his home safely and independently. Both Kevin and his father are very grateful for making both of their lives a bit easier.

Who is an eligible homeowner for our Home Repair program?
  • Own and live in a home in Bucks County needing repairs
  • Need assistance to do the repair due to disability, frailty, demands of single parenting, or other family circumstance
  • Up-to-date on property taxes and mortgage payments
  • Total household income is under 80% of Bucks County’s median income

Income Guidelines:

Homeowners’ gross annual income must be less than (updated 4/12/18):

Family Size Maximum Income
1 $48,950
2 $55,950
3 $62,950
4 $69,900
5 $75,500
6 $81,100
7 $86,700
8 $92,300
What types of home repairs can be done?

Exterior repairs:

  • Install handicap-accessible ramps, railings
  • Landscape to improve drainage, accessibility, or safety
  • Exterior repairs to doors, windows, porches, and minor roof repair (no roof replacement).
  • Siding repair
  • Minor structural repairs

Interior home safety repairs:

  • Grab bars, railings, reduce tripping hazards
  • Improve lighting and access to outlets/switches
  • Minor bathroom and kitchen modifications
How much do I pay for home repairs?
  • Homeowners pay a % of the cost of materials and subcontractors based on their income. Habitat Bucks raises money from sponsors to help fund the full cost.
  • Our home repair program offers a no interest loan which homeowners can pay back over time.
  • Homeowners are required to partner in all aspects of the repair project. Part of the application process is deciding how to be a partner, e.g. recruiting family members to help with the repair, or providing lunch for the volunteers.
  • Habitat keeps costs low by using volunteer labor and donated or discounted materials when possible.
How do I apply?
Where else can I go for help with home repairs?