Home Repair Program

Habitat for Humanity of Bucks County does more than just build homes—we also offer home repair services! Our affordable home repair program is designed to help low-income homeowners make their homes safer. Download our Home Repair Brochure.

Affordable Home Repair Program

Thanks to our Home Repair program, homeowners who qualify have a low-cost option for making repairs that make their homes safer or more accessible. Typical repairs include installation of accessibility, repairs of windows and doors, minor modifications of kitchens and bathrooms, landscaping for improved safety, and more. Homeowners qualify based on income and family size, and they pay a portion of the cost, which can be repaid over time interest-free. The rest is funded through sponsor donations, with work performed by volunteers (with homeowners assisting as they are able) using discounted materials.

A before and after photo of a home repair project completed by Habitat for Humanity of Bucks County in Chalfont, PA

“Safe at Home”

“Safe at Home” is our focus on identifying repairs and modifications that will assist older adults and those who are disabled remain safely in their homes. Not every person is fortunate to live in a home suitable for their age or physical ability, and sometimes these folks either live in unsafe conditions or are unable to live independently. We want to help modify their homes so that they are suitable for safe, independent living, and we offer these repair services at a low cost to individuals who qualify. We can perform major repair work to help folks remain in their homes, minor repairs for small issues that present safety hazards, and more. If you or someone you know needs assistance, please see our inquiry form.

A before and after image of a volunteer project completed by Habitat for Humanity of Bucks County in Chalfont, PA

Contact Us Today

Habitat for Humanity of Bucks County seeks to bring people together to build homes and empower families, and our home repair program is just one way we carry out that mission. Call us at 215.822.2812 to learn more, or help your neighbors in need by dedicating your time as a volunteer today!

Who is an eligible homeowner for our Home Repair program?
  • Own and live in a home in Bucks County needing repairs
  • Need assistance to do the repair due to disability, frailty, demands of single parenting, or other family circumstance
  • Up-to-date on property taxes and mortgage payments
  • Total household income is under 80% of Bucks County’s median income

Income Guidelines:

Homeowners’ gross annual income must be less than (updated 4/24/19):

Family Size Maximum Income
1 $50,500
2 $57,700
3 $64,900
4 $72,100
5 $77,900
6 $83,650
7 $89,450
8 $95,200
What types of home repairs can be done?

Exterior repairs:

  • Install handicap-accessible ramps, railings
  • Landscape to improve drainage, accessibility, or safety
  • Exterior repairs to doors, windows, porches, and minor roof repair (no roof replacement).
  • Siding repair
  • Minor structural repairs

Interior home safety repairs:

  • Grab bars, railings, reduce tripping hazards
  • Improve lighting and access to outlets/switches
  • Minor bathroom and kitchen modifications
  • Bath cutouts for easier access

Critical Home Repairs:

  • Roof replacement
  • Major system repair


How much do I pay for home repairs?
  • Homeowners pay a % of the cost of materials and subcontractors based on their income. Habitat Bucks raises money from sponsors to help fund the full cost.
  • Our home repair program offers a no interest loan which homeowners can pay back over time.
  • Homeowners are required to partner in all aspects of the repair project. Part of the application process is deciding how to be a partner, e.g. recruiting family members to help with the repair, or providing lunch for the volunteers.
  • Habitat keeps costs low by using volunteer labor and donated or discounted materials when possible.
How do I apply?
Where else can I go for help with home repairs?