How volunteering boosts your resume

By Sara Donnelly, FCP Summer Youth Corp Intern

So, you’ve researched companies, perfected your LinkedIn profile, practiced your interview skills and sometimes, you still don’t get the job. What if someone told you the underground truth to getting that job was volunteering. Volunteering doesn’t just help out your favorite nonprofit, it’s a great way to build skills and make you more qualified for your next job.

“82% of interviewers told Deloitte they prefer applicants with volunteer experience and 92% say volunteer experience built leadership skills.” Yet, the report says, “…only about one in three (32%) of job seekers mention unpaid community service experience on their resumes.” (Fortune- Anne Fisher)

So, how does volunteering benefit your professional development?

It helps you…

  1. Develop new skills or refine old skills
  2. Expand networking connections
  3. Check out an occupation or industry that you may be interested in
  4. Build confidence and character
  5. Impress employers with your ambition, passion and involvement in the community
  6. Get to know yourself
  7. Fill employment gaps, adds experience

Not only does volunteering make you feel good by helping others, you are also making a difference in your own life by boosting your career potential, enabling you to flourish in your professional life.  Volunteer experience shows an employer that you can manage your time, complete tasks, get along with others and shows commitment. Knowing your skills, accomplishments, interests and value is key to a successful career.