Heather’s Story…

One of the greatest joys we have at Habitat is presenting a family with the keys to their new home. It’s an incredible moment, full of potential.

Heather's StoryIt’s a moment you make possible.

Right now, Heather is building her new Habitat home on Prospect Avenue in Croydon. Like many families living and working in Bucks County, Heather just needs a little help to open the door to homeownership. “This experience is so amazing. I feel like all of this is just the answer to all the struggles that I never understood. I always felt defeated and worked so hard, but didn’t own anything and had to pay high rent.”

Heather has a special connection with Habitat. “On my keychain I have a little hammer that says Habitat for Humanity. When my grandfather passed away last year, we found it in his house; he used to volunteer with Habitat. I’ve kept it on my keychain and felt like it was a sign, because that’s a small hammer to find in a big house.”

Thanks to the financial support of friends like you, Heather and her children will be home early in 2018. With your support, we’ve opened the door to affordable homeownership for 108 families. Yet there are still more families living and working in Bucks County who need your help.

Please help give another family a key to a better future by making a special year-end gift today.