“Maybe one day…”

That was our response when my kids asked if they could have a dog or their own room. Or if Santa Claus would still find them even if we don’t live in a house. Living in a house we could truly call our own had always been a dream, and always just out of my reach no matter how hard I tried.

My journey down the long road to homeownership began in 2010. I took courses, cleaned-up my credit and finally felt confident to start looking. Then other realities set in: the cost of down payments, closing costs and that I would not be able to afford a home in a safe neighborhood where my kids could just go out and play freely. This was very discouraging, but God did not give up on us.

Finally, in 2017, I was ready. I began my sweat equity volunteering at the ReStore and building homes. I could not believe the generosity of people – and most importantly – the sincerity of total strangers wanting to help my family – to be a part of something bigger than themselves.

With your help, our ‘one day’ has arrived – a beautiful home with a dog; and, when we are at work or school, we all feel the same way. We can’t wait to go home.


Habitat Bucks Homeowner since 2018

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